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Independent, inclusive & diverse publishing

Indie Novella is a non-profit independent publisher, bookseller and social enterprise devoted to publishing new and under-represented authors

Books we're excited about

The Worst Journey in the World

Sarah Airriess

Excited is an understatement! The long awaited graphic novel adaptation of Apsley Cherry-Garrard's epic novel is almost here! Ten years in the making and in collaboration with the Scott Polar Research Institute, Sarah Airriess has brought to life one of the greatest stories of bravery, discovery and science as we retell the story of Scott's expedition to the Antarctic through the eyes of Terra Nova's youngest member.  



Indie Originals

Cover Image Alex Mr-Jones-Concept-3-V2.jpg

Mr Jones

Alex Woolf

Ben's eight-year-old daughter Imogen starts receiving messages from someone claiming to be her missing mother. A series of unexplained events soon instills a creeping suspicion that someone is out to kidnap his daughter. Are Ben’s fears are real or a result of his own stress-induced paranoia?

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Full Wire

J.R. McMenemie

LONDON 2186: New advances in organ cloning have resulted in longer lifespans and a culture of bodily augmentation and substance abuse. The most notable technology is an immersive internet experience that is transmitted directly to the mind, via an implant called a CLIP. But what if even more was possible? What if we could live on forever, without our frail bodies, in the Full Wire?

The Colletta Cassettes

Bruno Noble

It's the summer of '78 and 16 year-old Sebastian arrives with his parents and brother in the medieval Italian village of Colletta. Strangers with knives lurk around dark corners and his father makes clandestine meetings with an American, rumoured to be former C.I.A. agent. But a girl called Rosetta soon makes him oblivious to a scandal that could bring down a government.


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Joined Up

Damien Mosley

First 2 chapters FREE

Somebody Knows Something Cover.png

Somebody Knows Something

K. K. Edwards

The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Available in January

Indie Originals

Somebody Knows Something

Joined Up

Damien Mosley
K. K. Edwards

Twenty years after six-year-old Olive Copely disappears from in front of her house, two strangers find themselves drawn to her tragic story. What happened to Olive? Somebody knows something.

The problem with depression is it can be depressing... but sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

Damien Mosley's heartwarming and hilarious novel brings together disjointed families, inappropriate relationships and London's north-south divide.

1. At our own cost we fund publishing support services including, training courses, and mentor programmes for previously unpublished authors.

2. We publish and promote authors from diverse backgrounds for the benefit of society through a non-profit model delivering cost benefits for all concerned.

3. We positively impact the lives of readers through the curation and sharing of diverse subject matter.

4. We deliver real life-changing impacts for new writers through career enhancement and the transfer of new skills, potentially changing their lives forever.

5. We actively seek to employ a diverse supply chain that operates in the social enterprise space and/or is a small community based business.

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Indie is a registered non-profit social enterprise that delivers social value on a broad range of levels.

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