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The self-proclaimed Rock & Roll of Indie Publishing, Indie Novella is a non-profit publisher and social enterprise devoted to publishing new, emerging and underrepresented authors, and demonstrating that brilliant literary fiction is for all ages and for people of every type of background and never feels in any way elitist.

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The Worst Journey In The World

by Sarah Airriess

The long awaited graphic novel adaptation of Apsley Cherry-Garrard's epic novel is here! Ten years in the making and in collaboration with the Scott Polar Research Institute, Sarah Airriess has brought to life one of the greatest stories of bravery, discovery and science as we retell the story of Scott's expedition to the Antarctic through the eyes of Terra Nova's youngest member. Enjoy the adventure!

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New, accessible literary fiction.

Novels that champion identity, community, current affairs and new takes on classic genres.

We love literary fiction, but we don't love the snobbery that gets associated with it. Great literary fiction comprises of stories that capture our imagination and resonate with us. Stories that shed light on modern issues, which use relatable and understandable language, which are about characters who speak for the communities we live in. 

We champion inclusion and believe diversity is about bringing together writers from all different backgrounds under one roster. 

Our books focus on Communities, Climate, and new takes on Classic genres such as Crime. We publish modern stories with modern twists and a fresh look. Literature is for everyone so our books are by wonderful storytellers and amazing emerging writers who make literary fiction accessible. 

Writing Course With Watson, Little


We are thrilled to announce our 9-week writing course is now in collaboration with literary agency, Watson, Little.
The Indie Novella writing course is an online, weekly course and accesses industry knowledge from some of the biggest names in UK publishing to support authors take their writing to the next level.

Coming 2024 & Subscribe to Support
Forthcoming Books

We are absolutely thrilled to announce our new authors for 2024. With novels being released in time for our autumn collection, Indie Novella is delighted to welcome some of the most exciting emerging novelists whose writing absolutely captivated us. Please visit our author page to learn more.

Also, we are huge believers in working with new writers and developing new writing communities through our writing course, our events and our free workshops in Hackney, Islington and Sheffield. To support our work you can either buy our books or purchase a subscription through Substack, where you will receive 6 printed books per year. As a not-for-profit company, all income goes to keeping the lights on and the boiler running (i.e. printing books).

Learn more or Subscribe now

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The Watson Little x Indie Novella Prize

Watson, Little in association with the Arts Council England and writers’ forum Indie Novella are together delighted to announce the winner of the 2023 Watson, Little x Indie Novella Prize, Sue Amos.

Devoted to celebrating emerging voices from underrepresented communities, the Prize invited writers to enter under any one of the following three themes, which are particularly timely and relevant in today’s society: Community, Climate, and Crime Fiction.  Longlist announced 31st March. Shortlist 30th April.

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Our Social Impact

Indie Novella is a registered non-profit social enterprise that delivers social value on a broad range of levels.

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Newington Green, London, N1

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At Indie Novella we are about Independence, Inclusion & Diversity. 

We are a social enterprise, part-funded by philanthropic supporters,

who publish truly unique stories by inspirational new, exciting authors. 

To learn more about our social enterprise click here.

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