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Dial One for Revenge, by Emma Brand

Dial One for Revenge, by Emma Brand


Title:  Dial One for Revenge

Author:  Emma Brand

Genre: YA Thriller


Cassie and her mother were both murdered, not knowing who their killer was. Cassie, a fifteen-year-old rage fueled girl who loves to bake now works in the corporate afterlife, exacting revenges for clients to work up the ranks and finally be given the name of her killer and deliver her own vengeance.


Working alongside her PA Eli and Doorkeeper Divya, an ex-love interest in Elodie and a surprise arrival from a very hot, but very much alive psychic Perrie, Cassie continues trying to find out who took her life. At the same time, making sure to not get in her boss Nem’s bad books, keeping the Miseria and the Board happy, Cassie remains cold, hard, and focused.


Perrie offers Cassie an un-bucket list of things Cassie wished she could do before she died, in exchange for helping her find information. Along the way, struggling with her feelings for Perrie and re-connecting with her old, happier self, Cassie learns about who she truly is and if revenge is truly what she seeks after all.


Key Themes: Revenge, Loss, Love, Grief

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