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Indie Novella Writing Course with Watson, Little

We believe all authors should have the same opportunities to find agent representation and get published, therefore we’ve done something radical: we’ve developed the first publisher and agent led writing course that is completely free.

We have also now developed the Indie Novella Self-Starter Portal which allows you access to sessions from our flagship course, including tutorials by Watson, Little, but at your own time and pace.

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Key Information


9 weeks


Start Date


15th October 2024

Application Deadline

14th October 2024


6 sessions


Start Date



Application Process

Our 9 Week Course

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How It Works

In weekly sessions, you'll not only learn everything you'll need to transform that rough draft into a polished novel, but you'll interact with other authors, peer-reviewing each other's work and becoming a cohort who can learn from and support each other to take your work to publication.

The Indie Approach

As a self-paced course, even though learning material and writing exercises will be posted each Tuesday you will have until Sunday night to complete each short assignment and interact with other writers on each exercise. You will also have access to the learning materials for the entire course and beyond. And at the end of each week our editors will provide their feedback on a handful of assignments.

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Our role is to give you, the author, the tools and guidance to hone your craft & tell your story.

Damien Mosley

Indie Novella / Course Tutor

The Bookseller Rising Star 2023

Laetitia Rutherford

Watson, Little / Guest Contributor

Our Guidance

A helping hand, support and advice from a range of editorial and publishing experts goes a long way. Indie Novella's focus is to provide a supportive, open, and encouraging forum so you can find and develop your own unique voice. We want you get to the core of your novel and let your writing explode with confidence.

Watson, Little Agency

We have partnered with Watson, Little to provide advice and tips from the world of a leading literary agency. Throughout the course, Laetitia Rutherford will answer questions on the submission process, what an agent's day is like, and her thoughts on what authors can do to catch the eye of potential agents, publishers, but also readers.

Commitment & Cost

Our online writing course is funded by Arts Council England and Indie Novella's Social Enterprise commitment to make publishing accessible to everyone. The course itself is estimated to cost £1,500 when compared to other providers, however, it is brought to you for FREE, with appreciation and thanks to our funding partners.

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What We Will Focus On...

Weeks 1-3

The Opening page: what makes a reader read on / Plot & Structure / Narrative: Point of View

Weeks 4-6

Style & Language / Characterisation / Exposition: 'Show' vs 'Tell'

Weeks 7-9

Dialogue / Pacing / Editing and the Publishing Masterclass

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First Application Step

Simply click on the 'Apply' button. You will need to create an account with us, and upload a covering note and book recommendation.


This should be a short note detailing your writing experience and what you hope to gain from the course. Please also include a book recommendation on which novel would you recommend to another writer, and why.

Second Step

This is where you will shine as a writer. Upload an example of your writing (approx. 1,000 words). 


Don't worry, we won't assess this, it is just for us to get an idea of your writing style and help us match you with a peer. This doesn't have to be from your proposed novel, but it’s useful if it represents your voice and genre.

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Our Self-Starter Programme

It is sometimes not possible to commit to a 9 week programme. We understand that some writers are looking for a course they can start now and complete at their own pace. 


If this sounds like you, we offer the Indie Self Starter Programme which gives you access to a series of Indie Novella writing lessons. You can work through these at your own pace. Our new platform will be up and running in March 2024.

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