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Joined Up - Damien Mosley

Joined Up - Damien Mosley


The problem with depression is it can be depressing... but sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

Damien Mosley's heartwarming and hilarious novel brings together disjoined families, inapproproiate relationships and London's north-south divide.


Scott’s life isn’t exactly going according to plan.


He is approaching his mid-thirties, broke, shares a condemned squat with a flatmate who thinks he is a pervert, and is trying to rebuild a relationship with a sister who pathologically loathes him.


All so they can sue their mother. 


A year on from his father’s death and six months after spiralling into a bout of depression, Scott is trying to face the world again and, with the help of his therapist, confront the problems in his life he has determinedly avoided since childhood, the most pressing being that his father has accidently left their family home to the woman who walked out on them twenty years earlier.


However, as unique a situation Scott believes himself in, he gradually realises that those around him are not having things their own way either…

  • Indie Novella Exclusive

    Damien Mosley

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