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Indie Novella Writing Course - Week 1

Welcome to the Indie Novella writing course! Here is your change to meet and engage with fellow participants, review and comment on each other's work, and form a peer network to make each other's writing stronger. We aim to empower each other. As writers we need to recognise that our tastes may not all be the same so all we ask of you is to treat this as a safe space and use your comments to nurture your colleague's work. After all, it was Elias Canetti who said 'seeing through people is so easy, and gets you nowhere'. It is easy to find fault with others but harder to be constructive. So engage with each other, learn about each other, say what you like and DO suggest what you would do if you were in your peer's shoes to improve their writing. Every Wednesday over the next nine weeks we will unlock a writing exercise linked to the week's lesson. You will write a short piece - 350 to 600 words - and your fellow participants will have a chance to comment. Every Sunday Indie Novella will choose a small handful and provide our comments. Enjoy your writing and getting to know each other!

Week 1: Introductions

First let's introduce ourselves. We're going to be working together for the next nine weeks so let's allow ourselves some time to write a brief blurb about ourselves. There are no rule, you can let us know why you're on the course, what your background in writing is, where you're from and how this has influenced your journey as a writer, or what type of books you love reading and which authors inspire you.

Way back in April we were extemely fortunate to host authors Abiola Bello, Rebecca Ley, Eithne Nightingale and John McMenemie and hear them speak about the importance of promoting writing at the grass

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