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Indie Novella Publishing Masterclasses
with Ink@84 Bookshop

At Indie Novella, we recognise that the single most influential voice when it comes to understanding the trends within the publishing industry is without doubt, that of the bookseller. As such we are delighted to be working with the truly wonderful independent bookshop, Ink@84 Books in Highbury, north London, and their brilliant bookseller and manager, Daisy Arendell, to understand what readers are looking for.

From how readers in a local bookshop react to the publicity drives of the big name publishers, to how independent publishers and authors can best work with independent bookshops, independent booksellers see it all and Daisy offers her insights into what makes a book sell.

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Daisy tells us about the books she is drawn to, both as a reader and a bookseller, and in particular her love for recommending independent presses and translations. “There is a real appetite at the moment for a real story. Something that is really transportive, or family epics. Things that remind people of Pachinko and follows people for years. People really like to be transported.” Daisy also talks of the debut authors which took Ink@84 by storm, such as Natasha Brown, Douglas Stuart, Naomi Booth and Bonnie Garmus, and what she looks for in making a recommendation.


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