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Embedding Inclusive Cultures Workshop

HSM Advisory - Embedding Inclusive Cultures in the UK Publishing Industry

HSM Advisory - Embedding Inclusive Cultures in the UK Publishing Industry

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In this workshop with HSM Advisory, we will focus on what is needed to Embed Inclusive Cultures in the publishing industry. The session will be held on the 21st Sept, 2023, from 11.00-12.30, UK time. The session will comprise of a keynote, and a breakout session to co-create actions and discuss ideas:


Diversity and Inclusion has long been on organisations’ agendas, across sectors.

This manifests in different ways, from diversity metrices to anti-bias training, but it is not always clear what actions we are expected to take, or the end-state we are working towards. 


This is often because diversity and inclusion are different things. Diversity is about how we differ from one another, whereas inclusion is how we navigate those differences to create a thriving, high-performing culture, together.


To respond, we are working in partnership with HSM Advisory, experts in the Future of Work, to equip publishing industry professionals to action and embed real change.


We will take an intersectional approach – exploring insights and thought leadership in I&D best practice in a discursive way, co-creating specific actions and behaviours for individuals, leaders, and organisations.


We hope to see you in our upcoming session on the 21st Sept 2023. We are looking forward to an action-led discussion that challenges and grows our understanding of inclusive practice, whilst empowering us to embed lasting change.

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